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What Does Density Mean In Wigs [Infographic]
What Does Density Mean In Wigs

What Does Density Mean In Wigs [Infographic]

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what does density mean in wigs infographic

And here is the text version of this “what does density mean in wigs” infographic:


Great wigs aren’t cheap, and if you want yours to last a long time and look great you’ll need to purchase the correct density. To put it simply, density is defined as how thick or thin you want your hair to be.  

  • The standard density is 130% (Medium Density).  
  • Starting out with Light to Medium Density is a good idea for those new to wigs.
  • The average human head is considered to be between 100%-120%. 

Wig Densities And Who They Are Suited To

  • 50% – 90% = Extra Light Density.
  • Only recommended for clients with thin or very fine hair who want a realistic look. 
  • This density will bald very quickly. 


  • 100% -110% = Light Density.
  • Those with fine or thin hair can use this density to mimic their natural texture. 


  • 120%- 130% = Medium Density.
  • This is a realistic and natural looking density and the most popular choice. 
  • Not too thick or too thin. 
  • Hairline will have a lighter density and transition to a thicker density. 


  • 150% = Medium to Heavy Density.
  • For those who want a natural look but with added fullness. 
  • Has lots of bounce, body and movement. 


  • 180% = Heavy Density.
  • For clients who want a full and voluminous look.


  • 200% = Extra heavy/Super Glam. 
  • This is very heavy and provides a glam look.
  • For those who want to mimic celebrity hairstyles.

Hair Density Recommendations For Hair Length

  • 12-14 inches – 120%-130%
  • 16-20 inches – 150%
  • 22-24 inches – 180% 
  • 26-30 inches – 200%+

Other Things That Should Determine Density

  • Your natural hair density.
  • Your age (the older you are, the lighter density needed).
  • The texture of wigs that you prefer.
  • Your personal preferences. 

Making Various Densities Suit Your Hair 

  • Hair should be layered for a high density wig to look its best – this way, hair will look less square and more realistic. 
  • Make a low density wig look more full by giving it a blunt cut.
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